Uaxyacac (pronounced Ô-ha-ka)is a recording and live music project headed by Nick Smith.
Based out of Moncton and Montréal, Uaxyacac has been active since late 2011.
The music came from Nick's singer-songwriter background and mixed with his love of electronics and stylized productions.
Equal parts New Order and lovelorn songster, this is inward-facing music for slowly-swaying night owls, perfect for candle-lit rooms.

Uaxyacac - Homemade Myth

Homemade Myth is a convoluted series of recordings and audio pieces, linked together through a refracted hall of mirrors.
Audio pieces and songs written and recorded in various stages in Moncton and Montreal.
An un-nerved collection, uniting past sonic explorations with newer sonic explorations.

Uaxyacac - Double Seeker