Mich Cota

Mich began playing music by ear at age three on the piano. Music became a place they could visit to meditate and process complex steps in life. Mich was raised in the countryside in southern Ontario. They left home at an early age, dropped out of high school and at age sixteen made their first record. The music was ignorant, loud and underdeveloped, yet it was the album sales in his small town that helped Mich able to survive independently until returning to finish school. At age nineteen they moved to Montreal where they continued to write and learn music. Now 25, Mich is releasing their latest solo record entitled "Sapphic". The particular technique that Mich harnessed to make Sapphic was layering instrumentation through simultaneous delay, time signatures and tempos.

Music that sounds like a house built to live in, yet failing to sustain convenience. It is the reflection of imperfection that's accomplished with technical scrutiny, obsession and devotion. Sapphic is a record intended to illustrate a body born and mistaken for one with a sex. Just like its creator, the album fails to rest in well-being, for lack of definition.The cover for the record features Mich in red and blue, arms lifted high and exposed genitalia. The point is to disconnect their body from the physical and embrace a suppressed desire to de/reconstruct every piece of them until, at one point, they're a woman in the arms of another woman. The song titles construct a poem that reads "This is How / I Refuse / To Destroy What is Left / Why Try 2 Love / Something Impossibe / It Doesn't Matter Because You're Still In My Life".