Kieran Blake - Cloud None

Over two years in the making, Cloud None finds Blake alone in the present, with a love from the past; stuck on this metaphorical cloud with a ghost of his muse, stagnant.

This newest release is a culmination of the styles and themes of previous albums; mixing lush acoustic sounds with dark electronic elements to create the haunted landscape that is Cloud None.

Kieran Blake - What Vicious Glow

Where the previous record was dark, sparse and dripping, this newest release presents Blake
and guest contributors in the warm yellow glow of 1950s stage lighting.
Melodic vocal layering steer songwriting away from the past, through the present,
and into the uncertain future. What Vicious Glow carries traditional forms - twisted and drum machined -
to an entirely new plane.

Music video for Think About A Love by Kieran Blake

Kieran Blake - Songs from a Tunnel

Songs From a Tunnel was wholly recorded in a cavernous shaft beneath Montréal’s Lachine Canal.
The songs were written and assembled based on the artist’s initial encounter with the tunnel,
and the resulting album bears it’s mark both in imagery and atmosphere.

“The longer we spent in the tunnel, the more it seemed the songs were taking on it’s shape.
Certain parts became louder or softer, slower or faster - almost on their own accord.
Spacing formed in parts of songs, and we let the tunnel swallow up certain phrases.”

Music video for Yer Not a Sunrise by Newfoundland Tack